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30 years later, we still want to play 'WarGames'



Thirty years ago, WarGames was THE movie. Did anyone actually MISS IT in the theaters? I don't think so. It cost just $12 million to make but scored $80 mil in the box office. It still has a 92 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Three decades after its June 3, 1983, release, even the trailer still holds up.

Ah, Matthew Broderick. Were we ever that young? Here are five things I never knew about WarGames before today.


1. Remember the arcade scene at the beginning of the movie (and the trailer)? The studio had the Galaxian and Galaga arcade machines delivered to Broderick's home, where he practiced for two months to prepare.

2. The NORAD command center built for the movie was the most expensive set ever constructed up to that time; it cost a cool million bucks.

3. More on NORAD: Movie producers weren't allowed in side the real command center, so what we see in the movie is how it was imagined to look. In real life, the center isn't nearly as cool.

4. Remember what Broderick's mom does in the movie? Real estate agent. Same job that Ferris' mom had.

5. The rold of Professor Stephen Falken was inspired by Stephen Hawking. Hawking was actually approached to appear in the movie, but felt his disability was too much of a distraction.


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