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A hair metal band ... from Chicago? Enuff Z'Nuff



Do all hair metal bands sound and look alike to you? Enough of the profiling, let's show some peace and love and celebrate because Enuff Z'Nuff.  

While many hair metal bands hailed from L.A., Enuff Z'Nuff comes from the heartland around the Chicago area. What separated Enuff Z'Nuff from their contemporaries was the melodic choruses that indicated their songwriting influences were more McCartney/Lennon than British Steel.  Though they sported the skyscraper hair, Enuff Z'Nuff also dressed slightly different in pinks and purples, reflecting a slight hippie influence rather than the usual black leather. 

In 1989, Enuff Z'Nuff released their debut album that contained the singles New Thing and today's feature, Fly High Michelle. That self-titled debut album was included in Rolling Stone's just released Top 50 Hair Metal Albums of All Time, clocking in at the No. 24 position. Fly High Michelle also nearly made the Top 40 as it peaked at No. 47 early in 1990.

Enuff Z'Nuff, led by bassist Chip Z'Nuff, churned out albums all during the '90s, but suffered the same fate as all hair metal bands in the Grunge Era with declining sales after each release. They still are active today and in 2014 released a nifty album of covers entitled Covered In Gold, which covers a slew of songs (half of them from the '80s) from artists ranging from Cheap Trick to Prince. My favorite cover is an inspired version of Joey Scarbury's Believe It Or Not (Theme from The Greatest American Hero) that is irresistible.


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