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A real forgotten gem for Friday: 'Victor's Song' from 'Local Hero'



While most ‘80s fans will probably say their favorite movie of the ’80s is a blockbuster on the order of Raiders of the Lost Ark or Back To The Future, leave it to me to declare that my favorite movie of the ‘80s is a lost chestnut called Local Hero.

Local Hero is a charming 1983 movie starring Peter Reigert (Boone of Animal House) as a big business oil negotiator trying to buy the shore rights to a quaint Scottish town on the behalf of eccentric billionaire Burt Lancaster. After spending a few days in the fictional town of Ferness, Reigert’s character, no nonsense Mac MacIntyre, falls under the spell of the locals and their simple way of life.

In today’s Lost and Found, we feature a song perhaps known as Victor’s Song. The song is performed by the character Victor at the town party known as The Ceilidh (pronounced Kay League). The music for Local Hero was under the helm of Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler and his first soundtrack has the unusual distinction of outselling the movie. For reasons unknown, Victor’s Song is not on the best-selling soundtrack. Despite the best information available on the internet, it is still unclear if this is an old Texas campfire song or a simple ditty written by Knoplfer (probably the latter) or even what the title of the song really should be: “Victor’s Song” or “Lonesome for a Lone Star Man”. If only we knew a journalist who arranged interviews with ‘80s musicians – what a great question that would be!

What we do know is that Victor is backed by the Local Hero house band – the Acetones and that Christopher Rozycki, the actor who plays the Russian fishing boat captain named Victor is actually Polish. His work on Local Hero has been parlayed into a busy 30-year acting career playing mostly Russian characters.

The video is taken directly from the film so it includes a few moments of dialogue and squeezes in glimpses of many of the quirky, but loveable, town folks that inhabit Ferness.

The director, Bill Forsyth, won the BAFTA (the British equivalent of the Oscars) for Best Director for Local Hero and was the follow-up film to the equally delicious Gregory’s Girl.

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