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An ape, panther, stallion and some Bad News Bears: The top 25 movies of 1976



If only I was stuck in the ‘70s. Think of all the advantages. I’d have experienced more of the glory days of print journalism. (Pica poles! Hot lead!) I could have waxed poetically about the Ford and Carter years. And I could have seen just as many great flicks (more or less) than I did in the ‘80s.

Among the top flicks: the first Rocky flick, several amazing horror movies (Carrie, The Omen), some classic comedies (Murder By Death, Bad News Bears) and at least one landmark sci-fi flick (Logan’s Run).

Those these movies didn’t fall strictly within the parameters of the ‘80s, many are masterpieces of the medium while others formed the foundation of things still to come. And for many of us, they are firmly engrained in our childhood memories.

Here are the top 25 movies of 1976, ranked by U.S. box office:

1. Rocky ($117.2)
2. To Fly! ($86.6)
3. A Star Is Born ($80.0)
4. All the President's Men ($70.6)
5. The Omen ($60.9)
6. In Search of Noah's Ark ($55.7)
7. King Kong ($52.6)
8. Silver Streak ($51.1)
9. The Enforcer ($46.2)
10. Midway ($43.2)
11. The Bad News Bears ($42.3)
12. Silent Movie ($36.1)
13. The Pink Panther Strikes Again ($33.8)
14. Carrie ($33.8)
15. Murder by Death ($32.5)
16. The Outlaw Josey Wales ($31.8)
17. Fun with Dick and Jane ($30.0)
18. Taxi Driver ($28.3)
19. Freaky Friday ($25.9)
20. Logan's Run ($25.0)
21. Network ($23.7)
22. Gus ($21.9)
23. Marathon Man ($21.7)
24. Mother, Jugs & Speed ($20.0)
25. Across the Great Divide ($18.8)

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