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'Aurora Bridge' is still sound, say our engineering pros The Young Fresh Fellows



One of the best vacations I've taken was a trip to Seattle in 2012. Of the many cool sights to see in Seattle is the Gas Work Park and the site of the low budget video of Aurora Bridge" by Seattle's own Young Fresh Fellows

Aurora Bridge is a love letter to Seattle by the Young Fresh Fellows and after initially being included on the The Refreshments EP it was later included on their 1987's The Men Who Loved Music reissue album. Aurora Bridge name drops The Space Needle, The Monorail, Gas Work Parks and the first great slugger of the Seattle Mariners - Gorman Thomas.

Before coming one of the most unique parks in America, Gas Work Parks was an actual gas utility that supplied Seattle until it went out of business in 1956. In 1962, the city of Seattle bought the land and in 1975 converted it to a park, keeping many of the old towers and machinery of the plant in tact and converted them to play areas. With a picturesque view of downtown Seattle and sitting off the bay, the hills of Gas Works Park are ideal for kite flying as referenced in the lyrics of Aurora Bridge. If you have ever watched the excellent 1999 movie 10 Things I Hate About You you may remember the paint ball fight between Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles staged at Gas Works Park. Another cool place to visit in Seattle is under the Aurora Bridge - it's a sculpture called The Fremont Troll that was also filmed in 10 Things I Hate About You.

The leader of the Young Fresh Fellows, Scott McCaughey is currently touring with The Baseball Project across parts of the U.S. singing songs about what else, but baseball, but maybe not specifically Gorman Thomas.  

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