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Because Madness can be hereditary, we grandfather in 'One Step Beyond'

In our busy lives, it seems we are one step behind. Yesterday on Lost and Found we were one step ahead, but today we go one step further and go One Step Beyond with Madness.

While Madness only gains airplay on radio these days with Our House, those in-the-know remember many more great songs and videos from the nutty band from England. Before Our House, many Americans recall seeing One Step Beyond as their first Madness video. While technically a 1979 release, One Step Beyond is grandfathered into the '80s as it took MTV in 1981 to introduce the nearly instrumental ska song to America.

While we are used to seeing Suggs mug the screen as the lead singer in most Madness videos, the featured voice in One Step Beyond is Chas Smash, who was not even an official member of Madness when the video for One Step Beyond was filmed. Besides being their first video, the song was a hit all over Europe including France where it topped the charts. One Step Beyond is a remake with the original version dating back to 1967 by Jamaican reggae artist Prince Buster.  Smash would officially join Madness in 1980 and remained in the band until 2014.

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