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Believe it or not, 'The Greatest American Hero' being rebooted as TV series



Hollywood is daring to remake another '80s TV icon! Whoooo can it be? Believe it not, it's just The Greatest American Hero.

According to, Fox has blessed a pilot to be written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa (Dope). It will be a reboot of the early '80s TV series that starred William Katt as the reluctant teacher-turned-superhero and the late Robert Culp as his FBI handler. It's expected it will follow the same plot: An average man finds a superhero suit that gives him great powers he's not remotely ready for.

I can't even remotely imagine this being a success. The secret to the original, which lasted only three seasons, was the chemistry between Katt and Culp - not the mention the theme song Believe It Or Not by Joey Scarbury. Hollywood has tried a few times to remake Greatest American Hero as a series and a movie and has pretty much fallen on their face each time.

In 2009, Stuck in the '80s interviewed Katt about which actor should be chosen to play his old character Ralph Hinkley.

"Years ago, they talked about Owen Wilson for the role and I think he would have been great," Katt said. "He's a little long in the tooth to do it right now. One of my favorite young actors, if he hadn't already done a great big action/adventure film, would have been Shia LaBeouf. I think the kid is just brilliant."

As for his chemistry with Culp, who died a year after our interview, Katt said: "Originally, Bob Culp and I felt the same about each other. I know he felt I was a pain in the ass, and I felt the same. But two weeks or so into it, I knocked on his trailer door and we metaphorically duked it out and worked it out and we became honestly very good friends after that. And I can say we're even better friends now, 30 years later."

Listen to the full interview with William Katt.

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