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Break out your 'Favourite Shirts' for Haircut 100



This Saturday in National Bowling Day and to build up the anticipation of this triumphant day we will focus on several Lost and Found videos that were set in bowling alleys.

Earlier this year we featured Haircut 100 and their excellent Love Plus One and now we pick up the spare with Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl).

Another perky number off their 1982 Pelican West album, Favourite Shirts charted only to No. 101 on the Billboard Charts, which is about the same number as my typical bowling score.

We will concede that bowling was bigger in other decades than the ‘80s, but what do you expect for a game that dates back to the Roman Empire. We’ll give the nod to the ‘90s with movies such as Kingpin and The Big Lebowski as long as we get to keep Haircut 100.

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