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Bruce Dern scared the hell ouf of the '80s generation



As a child in the '70s -- before discovering the true greatness of the '80s, I was probably frightened most by three things: the introduction to Space:1999, the Bigfoot episode of Six Million Dollar Man and any character played by Bruce Dern.

Dern was the abusive Tom Buchanon in 1974's The Great Gatsby, a movie and book that was frequently used as a torture device on school kids back then. The book? Love it. The movie? I can still hear Dern's nasal, pinched rage and it makes me shiver. In 1977's Black Sunday, Dern plays the blimp driver that craves a suicide that will take as many people possible with me. Sundays were never Super again after that flick.

These days, Dern is earning raves for his work in Nebraska, where he plays a frail, older man who is convinced he's won a publisher's sweepstakes and decides to hit the road to claim his money. Tampa Bay Times film critic Steve Persall recently interviewed Dern, and it's an AMAZING look into the 77-year-old actor.

"A lot of people think they could never act?" Dern tells Persall. "Well, g-- d--- yes you can act, if you're willing to be publicly private, to expose what's in your heart."

Click here for the full interview.

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