Can you believe Romeo Void never charted with 'Never Say Never?'



In music, it is suppose to be all about the sound, but sometimes your image or looks can hurt or help you.  Romeo Void formed in San Francisco in the late ‘70s and started to build a loyal following that caught the attention of Ric Ocasek. In early 1982, Ocasek produced Romeo Void's debut EP that featured the description-bending Never Say Never.

Romeo Void was led by female singer Debora Iyall and their band played a hybrid of New Wave, Dance and Rock that included thumping bass and saxophone. While Never Say Never never charted, the positive response it garnered on more daring radio stations allowed Romeo Void to be signed to a major label (Columbia).

There are two versions of Never Say Never. The original version is six minutes long and gained notoriety for having the F-word in the lyrics. In late 1982, the song was put on their first Columbia album Benefactor but edited down to 3:27 with the naughty word taken out. Still, Never Say Never has become a classic with its shocking chorus I might like you better if we slept together and the suggestive phrase warm in your coat. The song was also featured in the Aidan Quinn film Reckless in 1984.

The band actually scored a Top 40 hit in 1984 with A Girl In Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing) but Columbia soon dropped all support and promotions for the band when they finally figured out that Iyall and the rest of the band didn't have "the look".  

By "the look", anybody who has seen a Romeo Void video knows that Iyall is a big girl and of Native American descent, which was quite different from the rest of the female artists that were appearing in the new world of the bare midriff MTV.

Romeo Void soon broke up but Iyall took it all in stride becoming an art teacher in addition to still playing music.

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