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Can you spot the theme for Lost and Found this week? Don't answer me...



It's been awhile since we've done a theme week, so let's stop fooling around and begin Animation Week at Lost and Found. We'll pick five videos and have our own little Animation Domination without killing the family dog (RIP, Brian Griffin, RIP).

We would be remiss if we didn't start out the week without one of the classic of ‘80s animation videos: Alan Parsons Projects' Don't Answer Me. The song tells the noir tale of love lost Nick and Sugar. In pulp comic style, fists fly and there is only one man standing in the fight between Nick and Lughead for the heart of Sugar. The band even shows up in the end with Parsons and lead vocalist Eric Woolfson playing the keyboards.  

Don't Answer Me clocked in at No. 15 on the charts in 1984 and is the second video to be featured off the Ammonia Avenue album on Lost and Found.

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