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'Common Ground' in 2017? Good luck with that



With the all the posturing, tweets and rhetoric between the leaders of Russia and the U.S., you may ask yourself is it 2017 or 1987? Somehow both countries worked through the differences in the '80s to avoid conflict and the plea we make now is the same one that the Rhythm Corps made in 1988 - can we find some Common Ground?

The Rhythm Corps were an rock band out of Detroit that had a Top 10 Mainstream Rock Hit with Common Ground. The lyrics to Common Ground can be used to fit a personal relationship or world affairs as a verse implores "can we seat ourselves around a table for awhile and talk like friends?" The video for Common Ground is mostly performance and while the doves in the video make sense, I may not be deep enough to understand the significance of the rooster that guest stars.

The Rhythm Corps were not able to build on the success of Common Ground and their second and last full length album failed to chart in 1991. Other than a Thanksgiving reunion show in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, things are mostly quiet for the band as lead singer Michael Persh now lives in L.A. where he is a real estate agent.


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