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10 women from the '80s STILL hotter than Jennifer Aniston



Jennifer Aniston is NOT the Hottest Woman of All-Time, no matter what Men's Health says. While I tip my cap in their direction for even trying to tackle such an impossible list, I want to throw a brick at them for picking Aniston, who might not even being the hottest woman on the show Friends.

I am proud, however, to reveal that there were at least 10 lovely ladies from the '80s who could have then -- and still could TODAY -- dethrone Aniston as Hottest Woman of All-Time. (And no supermodels included. That's too easy.)


DEBORAH FOREMAN: Sure, she's my sentimental pick after appearing on the Stuck in the '80s podcast. But is there anyone out there who didn't have a crush on Julie from Valley Girl? Look for her frequent photo updates on Facebook and her new website.

PHOEBE CATES: I'm thinking more Gremlins' Phoebe than Fast Times at Ridgemont High Phoebe. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm specifically thinking of the pool scene in Fast Times. Biggest unspoken question: Could you really blame Brad?

JANE SEYMOUR: How captivating is she? In 1980's Somewhere in Time, Christopher Reeve decided to sit in a chair and die and meet Seymour again in heaven rather than live another moment without her.

KELLY PRESTON: Dazzled in Mischief, Secret Admirer and Spacecamp. Costarred with Deborah Foreman in The Experts, the 1989 film where she met John Travolta. And reportedly still one of the nicest women on the planet.

BELINDA CARLISLE: Not all the hotties were actresses. Belinda leads a band of exceptional musicians, any of whom could be on this list. (Jane Wiedlin? Call me!)


SUSANNA HOFFS: Oh, her eyes! Nobody who watches the Bangles video Walk Like an Egyptian is ever the same again.

GRACE JONES: The singer/actress gave James Bond the fits in A View to a Kill before finally giving in to his charm. (I love her best in the non''80s flick Boomerang.)

KELLY LEBROCK: Give John Hughes and Weird Science credit. If you were going to wear bras on your head and create the perfect woman, it very well should be Kelly LeBrock.

TERRI NUNN: The lead singer of Berlin! She's still riding on the Metro-oh-oh and performing her '80s music live. Her voice and looks get better with every passing year.

MARTHA QUINN: Gotcha with this last one, didn't I? She was the girl next door. The wiser older sister who had the cool taste in music. Just the slightest smile from her could melt polar ice caps. And I still get chills whenever I get an e-mail from her. MTV's Martha Quinn is proof positive than in the '80s, everything was hotter, sexier ... and smarter.

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