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100 episodes? Mama no!



SpearsanddalyAre you ready to relive the history of Stuck in the 80s? All the hits ... the miscues ... the uncontrollable sweating of two pasty, bloated guys with no lives beyond the year 1989?

The 100th episode of our podcast is now online. Click here to download it or click here to subscribe to all our episodes for free on iTunes.

Lest I imply that it was merely Sean Daly and myself that are responsible for all 100 counts of crimes against humanity, let me give much overdue credit to Gina Vivinetto (my first co-host), Cathy Wos (our longtime co-host now living in Seattle), Brendan Watson (our first producer) and Dave Morrison (the maestro and our former producer). Special thanks to our special guests hosts over the last two years, including: Eric Deggans, Chase Squires, Sharon Fink, John Fleming, Steve Persall and Rick Gershman.

What can you expect during show #100? Lots and lots of highlights, including:

  • Sean's fight with Huey Lewis.
  • My tongue-tied pass at Martha Quinn.
  • Our karaoke party with Kenny Loggins.
  • And yes, the original "Mama No!" story about topless blondes from Norway.

As always, we appreciate your comments and e-mails. And stay tuned as we continue to find reasons to stay firmly stuck in the 80s.

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