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21 Jump Street's original cast: Where are they now?



21-jump-street-tvshow.jpgThe new 21 Jump Street movie is said to be unbelievably funny and endearing, a worthy remake of a TV series that maybe was a little more flash over substance in the first place. It's hard to believe 21 Jump Street was ever an '80s phenomenon in the first place; alas, Fox launched the teen cop show in 1987.

And in case you're wondering what happened to the show's original cast -- except for Johnny Depp -- the New York Daily News has solved that mystery for us. Click here to read their full summary, including who-married-whom and some of their crazier post-show acting credits. Here are the Cliff notes, along with credits I found on

HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE (Sgt. Judy Hoff): Starred in TV's Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper and married NFL quarterback Rodney Peete. Finished as runnerup in the third season of Celebrity Apprentice. And (spoiler alert): She makes an appearance in the movie version of 21 Jump Street as "Officer Judy Hoff."

STEVEN WILLIAMS (Capt. Adam Fuller): Fans of John Cusack's Better Off Dead will recognize him as the tree trimmer who gives the line, "That's a real shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good white boy like that." His TV career would continue with plenty of work in shows like The X-Files, The Equalizer and L.A. Heat. His most recent work is in the series Supernatural.

PETER DELUISE (Off. Doug Penhall): The son of actor Dom DeLuise made guest appearances in The Facts of Life and Friends; now a director of science fiction television shows (SGU Stargate Universe, R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour).

DUSTIN NGUYEN (Off. Harry Truman Ioki): Unlike many of his castmates, his career began before Jump Street with small roles in Magnum PI and The A-Team. Afterward, he continued to do TV work and smaller movie projects while creating his own jewelry line (Imperial Rose Collections).

RICHARD GRIECO (Off. Dennis Booker): When he left the show, Grieco got his own spinoff: Booker, which lasted only one season. He'd get one big movie role early on -- 1991's If Looks Could Kill -- before settling into other short-lived TV series (Marker, Gargoyles, Veronica Mars). My favorite Grieco role? Playing himself in 1998's A Night at the Roxbury.

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