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25 years of ... Ewoks

Ewoks "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, so expect a whole new round of debate on the usual topics:

  • Which was better: "Jedi" or "Empire?" (You're getting an atomic noogie if you say "Jedi.")
  • Did Han Solo go from stud to wimp in the course of just three movies? (I'm surprised he wasn't wearing a dress by 1983.) And of course...
  • Can you admit to loving the Ewoks without being called a total poser (or worse)?

You have to admit: The debut of the Ewoks foretold a stirring prophecy -- that the next three Star Wars movies would be totally juvenile. ("You refer to the prophecy of The Furry One who will bring balance to the Box Office and Toy Sales. You believe it's this Ewok?" Yes, Master Windu! Geesh...)

Still, there are those in the Republic who would defend the Ewoks. Just click here to view "The Star Wars Ewok Gospel."

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