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25 years later, 'Born in the USA' is still iconic Bruce Springsteen

Born_2 Twenty-five years later, you can still hear the songs of the cash registers ringing away for our '80s blue-collar hero Bruce Springsteen. Yep, on June 4, 1984, the Boss released an album you may have heard of ... Born in the USA

It's nearly impossible to say anything about this album that hasn't already been shouted from the corners of the planet. But here's some quickie facts that still amaze 25 years later:

  • Born in the USA went platinum just one month after its released and spawned seven Top 10 singles during 1984 and 1985.
  • Dancing in the Dark was the first single, but actually a late addition to the album lineup after producers wanted a sure-fire hit right away. Of course, everyone knows which Friend appears in the music video.
  • On Rolling Stone's list of the greatest albums of all time, it ranks 85th. Born To Run, his 1975 album, is No. 18. (But Born in the USA does rank No. 6 on the magazine's 100 greatest albums of the '80s list.)
  • The iconic cover photo of Bruce's butt? Taken by Annie Leibovitz of course.
  • Only one song reached No. 1 on the charts -- Dancing in the Dark. (The title track, which is often mistaken for a patriotic anthem, only reached No. 9).
  • Most of the songs were written about the same time as the songs from 1982's Nebraska, according to interviews with Bruce. 

It's probably one of five albums from the '80s that anyone who grew up in the decade HAD to own, whether you listened to it or not. Others would include Michael Jackson's Thriller, AC/DC's Back in Black, Prince's Purple Rain and U2's Joshua Tree.


Straight out rocker. (And sorry, but there's no way I'm putting the title track on this list. I can't stand it.) Listen

4. MY HOMETOWN: For some reason, I think of its use in Roger and Me every time I hear it, and think of poor Flint, Michigan. Live performance

3. DANCING IN THE DARK: Okay, I admit it. It's just because of Courtney Cox.

2. I'M GOIN' DOWN: Catchy, fun and thankfully not an earworm. Listen

1. GLORY DAYS: Sorry, but it's practically the unspoken anthem of Stuck in the '80s. And it has a classic video.

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