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40 songs that changed the world



Rollingstone Rolling Stone magazine, in its 40th anniversary edition, has published a list of 40 songs that changed the world. And what do you know ... some are even from the 80s. Click here for the full list.

"That's Alright" by the always-overrated Elvis Presley was No. 1 on the list. You have to go all the way down to No. 10 to get a truly worthy song -- "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan. (Though it appears the ranking is actually chronological, which dimishes its impact already.)

But overall, I think they picked a fair number from the 80s, even if the selection themselves are sometimes suspect. Here they are, along with their rank among the top 40:

28. "TV Party" - Black Flag
29. "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson
30. "When Doves Cry" - Prince.
31. "Pride (In The Name of Love)" - U2
32. "Like a Virgin" - Madonna
33. "Walk This Way" - Run DMC/Aerosmith
34. "Just Like Heaven" - The Cure
35. "Sweet Child O' Mine" - Guns N Roses
36. "Bring The Noise" - Public Enemy

I'm surprised that neither "Do They Know It's Christmastime" by Band-Aid nor "We Are The World" by USA for Africa made the list. It makes you wonder what "changed the world" meant in the eyes of Rolling Stone's editors. These are songs that may have changed music history but not world history.

That being said, I can live without "TV Party." But add Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and replace "Like a Virgin" with "Material Girl" -- the real anthem of the 80s.

Other artists who deserve to be there: The Replacements, AC/DC, Peter Gabriel, The Dead Kennedys and REM. Bands from outside the 80s that didn't make the list include The Doors, The Who and Pink Floyd. So it wasn't just the 80s that is oddly represented.

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