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5 great soundtrack songs ... that don't appear on '80s soundtracks



Sex_shooter It happened to all of us in the '80s. We see a great movie, really are moved by a song or two, buy the soundtrack and then scream in horror when we find those memorable tunes didn't make the cut.

No 'Sex Shooter' or Morris Day on Purple Rain! What the eff?

I have a lair full of NEARLY-perfect soundtracks. And thanks to some weird '80s karma glitch, I'm stuck with an equally large batch of very lame albums that I felt compelled to buy just to snag the extra song or two that was missing from the far-superior collection.

So I ask you, dear '80s Nation: What are your favorite soundtrack songs that don't actually appear on the soundtrack of the movie they appeared in?

Here are five of mine:

POSITIVELY LOST ME (The Rave-Ups in Pretty in Pink): The band has two songs during the club scenes in this teen classic. Rumor has it Molly Ringwald introduced John Hughes to their music. (In Sixteen Candles, Molly has "Rave-Ups" written on her school notebook.)

CATCH MY FALL (Billy Idol in Some Kind of Wonderful): Ah, yes. The detention scene when Keith would befriend Duncan. ("This is what my girlfriend would look like without skin.")

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE (Talking Heads in Revenge of the Nerds): When the Alphas burn down their frat house, this familiar anthem is playing in the background.

WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT (Twisted Sister in Iron Eagle): This flick will always been best known for Queen's One Vision. But Twister Sister's silly hair anthem played an important role too.

JUNGLE LOVE/THE BIRD (Morris Day in Purple Rain): Did you really expect me to pick just one Morris Day song? 

What songs did you miss out on from '80s soundtracks?

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