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5 reasons 'Scarface' is greatest guy movie of all time




Could 1983's Scarface be the ultimate guy movie of any decade? Think about it for a minute. Back in the '80s, didn't you rent it at least once a year for guys' night? Poker, bourbon, Scarface. The holy trinity of testosterone. If you'd prefer I make this argument in list form, I should tell you that all I have in this world is my blog and my word and I don't break them for no one.


5. THE F-BOMBS: It's the most quotable movie you can probably think of -- even if "Say hello to my little friend" and "I always tell the truth -- even when I lie" are the only quotes you say in public. It's believed the F-bomb is used 207 times in the movie. The TV version subs in "forget" or just mutes it out.

4. YOU CAN CALL HIM AL: It stars Al Pacino, who is no doubt the -- forgive me -- the godfather of guy movies, though not so much in the '80s. Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Glengarry Glen Ross. Sorry, Al, but you lose major points for 1982's Author! Author!

3. FEMALES ARE ACCESSORIES: Michelle Pfeiffer plays the burned-out wife who inhales coke and oxygen in equal amounts. But the mom and sister characters? Tony Montana worships them both. Like the good, murderous son that every guy movie should feature.

2. IT'S SET IN MIAMI: It's a hellhole of a town that should have been wiped off the earth eons ago if it hadn't been predestined for use in guy movies and TV shows. Miami Vice, Any Given Sunday, The Mean Season, and of course, The Birdcage.

1. PEOPLE DIE: Lots of people die. In horrible, awful ways. Guys don't think twice about the epic chainsaw scene in the hotel bathroom or Omar being strung up from a helicopter. Deep down inside, in the darkest corners of our minds, every guy secretly want to leave this earth in hail of gunfire, on the marble floor of our mansion, uttering the line: "Go ahead! I take your f---ing bullets! You think you kill me with bullets? I take your f---ing bullets! Go ahead!"

Ah, Tony Montana. You should have never gotten high on your own supply.

If you're feeling similarly nostalgic, here's the good news: Scarface is returning to 475 theaters nationwide for a special one-night screening on Wednesday, Aug. 31, at 7:30 p.m. This special event includes the debut of an exclusive featurette showcasing the pop culture phenomenon that redefined the gangster genre. Tickets are available online at Fathom Events.

Here in Tampa Bay, plenty of theaters are showing Scarface on Aug. 31:

  • Veterans 24, Tampa
  • Westshore Plaza 14, Tampa
  • Hyde Park Cinebistro, Tampa
  • Grove 16 Cinemas, Wesley Chapel
  • Park Place Stadium 16, Pinellas Park
  • Citrus Stadium Park Mall, Tampa

Just remember: If you bring your "own supply" to the movie theater, it better just be popcorn or Junior Mints.

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