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5 things you can learn right now about 'Footloose' remake plot



footloosepostersmall2.jpgThe first trailer for the Footloose remake it out (and embedded below). And I'm sitting here, amazed and practically dumbfounded, at what I just saw. And the weird thing is ... I like it.

But first things first, here are ...


1. IT'S A PREQUEL: Well, this Footloose really isn't a prequel, but it does back the 1984 movie up a little, showing us the partying and car wreck that killed a group of students and the resulting debate that results in the ban in Bomont (yep, that's the right spelling, we find out) on dancing.

2. LOVE THAT VW BUG: Ren's beloved VW bug is back, and now we'll find out how he got it. Think Grease 2. Okay, that might be too painful. Basically we find out he gets his car and rehabs it while in Bomont. (Still hate the spelling, guys. Beaumont, please!)

3. THE THEME SONG RETURNS: A rocked up version Kenny Loggins' Footloose appears at the very start of the trailer. We can only hope a few other songs survive as well. Sadly, the drive-in scene that featured Dancing in the Sheets has now been replaced by some atrocious rave.

4. DENNIS QUAID MAKES A GOOD REV. SHAW MOORE: I always thought Quaid was a good pick for inheriting the role made famous by John Lithgow. He's more of a regular dad, and you can see the torture on his face as he deals with his daughter Ariel. Having an authentic Texas accent doesn't hurt either.

5. SO MANY NODS TO THE ORIGINAL: Just try counting all the references to the original 1984 flick. The cops flicking Ren's face with his driver's license. The hallway meeting (and dance instruction) between Ren and Willard. Ariel playing chicken with a train. And the final fight scene between Ren and Chuck. It's clear that the writers here had a lot of love of appreciation for the '80s. Let's see if fans do too.

Footloose 2 (Electric Boogaloo), directed by Craig Brewer, is set for an Oct. 14 release.


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