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'70s star turns 70 (but we love Caan anyway)



James_caan James Caan might be the most un-'80s star out there. Rollerball, A Bridge too Far, The Godfather, Brian's Song. All great performances in some of our favorite flicks -- but sadly none of them fall within the boundaries of our golden decade.

But I'm here to tell you: All is well. Caan did knock out a handful of movies in the '80s, so today -- his 70th birthday -- is his day on Stuck in the '80s as well. (Now can we please get a remake of A Bridge Too Far?)


5. KISS ME GOODBYE (1982): "Darling, only you can see me."

4. HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT (1980): Watch James Caan on The Actor's Studio

3. GARDENS OF STONE (1987): "I am not a peacenik, Captain; I just don't agree with the reasons behind this particular war, and I feel if we're gonna fight it we oughtta g-- d--- fight it right."

2. THIEF (1981): "You're marking time is what you are. You're backing off. You're hiding out. You're waiting for a bus that you hope never comes because you don't wanna get on it anyway because you don't wanna go anywhere."

1. ALIEN NATION (1988): "You know, don't take it personally. I'm a bigot."

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