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80s dance-off: Joel vs. Duckie

When it comes to lip-syncing and toe-tapping, which epic 80s dance scene gets your vote: Tom Cruise ("Joel Goodsen") in Risky Business or Jon Cryer ("Duckie Dale") in Pretty in Pink?

Let's get ready to Rumba!

The song...
Joel: Bob Seger's Old Time Rock & Roll.
Duckie: Otis Redding's Try a Little Tenderness.
Advantage: They both go old school, but Otis gives Duckie the slight edge here. Even Seger sings that he "rather hear some blues or funky old soul."

The outfit...
Joel: Ray-ban sunglasses, oxford shirt, tighty whities, socks.
Duckie: Thrift and military surplus store chic.
Advantage: Joel wins by a nose, thanks to the female votes.

Location and audience...
Joel: Solo in the living room (needed for the tricky sofa flop).
Duckie: In front of Andie and Iona at the record shop.
Advantage: Duckie gets my vote here for courage alone.

Signature move...
Joel: The slide across the wood floor at the song's beginning (though I'm a big fan of the spastic frenzy move on the couch too -- that had "whiskey-induced dance fever" written all over it).
Duckie: Banging and stomping the floor as the song reaches the pinnacle.
Advantage: Joel gets the vote here, for creating a moment that transcends pop culture.

And when it's all over...
Joel: Presumably drunk, horny and hungover.
Duckie: Andie blows him off and goes on a date with Blane.
Advantage: Nobody!

See, guys? You can never win by dancing. But either Joel or Duckie can win this dance-off. So leave your vote. And remember, to paraphrase Joel, "if there were any logic to our language, 'dance' would be a four letter word."

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