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'80s election movies stink, so...



Primary_colors Sadly do I bow my head and confess: The '80s were a time of really lame election movies. So lame, that hardly any come to mind. But thanks to the magic of the Stuck in the '80s blog, I can instead tout my favorite non-'80s political flicks. Thankfully most of them have an '80s connection anyway.


10. WAG THE DOG (1997): Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman. "There are two things I know to be true. There's no difference between good flan and bad flan, and there is no war." [View trailer]

9. THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT (1995): Michael Douglas, Annette Bening. "I'm a citizen, this is my president. And in this country it is not only permissible to question our leaders it's our responsibility." [View trailer]

8. THE CONTENDER (2000): Gary Oldman, Joan Allen. "Who doesn't want a shortcut to greatness?" [View trailer]

7. THE CANDIDATE (1972): Robert Redford, Peter Boyle. "So vote once, vote tuh-wice, for Bill McKay ... you middle-class honkies."[View trailer]

6. DAVE (1993): Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver. "There's no mistake, Bill. When you veto someone's funding that is not a mistake. When you hurt someone intentionally that is not a mistake." [View trailer]

5. BOB ROBERTS (1992): Tim Robbins, Alan Rickman. " I could use a strong finisher myself sometimes." [View trailer]

4. TRUE COLORS (1991): John Cusack, James Spader. "They say great men are embraced by thousands of strangers. I wanna be great." [View trailer]

3. ELECTION (1999): Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon. "It's like my mom says, 'The weak are always trying to sabatoge the strong.' "[View trailer]

2. PRIMARY COLORS (1998): John Travolta, Emma Thompson. "We can do incredible things. We can change this country. I'm gonna win this thing. Look me in the eye, Henry, and tell me that you don't want to be a part of it." [View trailer]

1. BULWORTH (1998): Warren Beatty, Halle Berry.  "Can you play back that crispy crab cakes remark again?" [View trailer]

Still watchable: Head of State, Man of the Year, The Distinguished Gentleman, Welcome to Mooseport. And before anyone sounds off, I don't really consider All the President's Men an elections movie. Otherwise, it'd be top 5.

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