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'80s fans in Ohio, Michigan have no sense of humor



script_ohio.gifDid you listen to our "Ohio in the '80spodcast yet? It seems the entire midwestern portion of the United States has, and they're not happy about it. Just because I called the Buckeye state "a vanilla and forgettable backdrop" for every average movie and TV show of the decade? Grow some thicker skin, nut-jobs! In the meantime, Michiganers, usually a vile and loathsome sort already, seem tweaked as well. Just read this e-mail from Dr. Incognito.

"OK...lemme get this straight. Spearsy unloads on Michigan in nearly every podcast and never throws Michiganders a bone, but he slightly taunts Ohio once, and Ohio gets a damn podcast? What? What??? Yeargh!  My blood boils!  I'd demand a Michigan podcast as compensation, but that would just give him an excuse to dump on my homeland for forty minutes. To be fair, he managed to admit that a couple of good things came out of Ohio in the ' between repeated jabs at Cleveland, Columbus and Ohio in general. Man, you guys must be doing something right if I'm siding with Ohio (not an easy thing for a former Michigander to do)!

"On paper, I like the idea of a podcast for each state, but if it isn't Disneyfied, flat, swampy, palmetto-bug-filled Florida (and I write that with nothing but love for Florida and almost all of its people), will Spearsy manage to find anything nice to say?

"Kudos to Daly for sticking up for...well, any place that isn't Florida.  And Stephanie Hayes rocks -- you can have her back anytime.  I submit that any future state podcast must include someone from that state to defend it from Spears. 

"Keep up the good work, Sean.  Oh and, uh, Spears...the production work on the Ohio podcast was, um, really good.  So, yeah."

Stuck in Illinois in 2010, but a child of 1980s Michigan,
Dr. Incognito

[Last modified: Thursday, September 16, 2010 1:39pm]


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