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'80s fashion: Totally rad and totally now

Duckie1223907039 When it comes to fashion, my expertise starts and ends with my beloved skinny leather ties. Thankfully, today's guest blogger, Alli Denning of, has the brains to pull this tribute to '80s fashion that has thankfully (or maybe not) returned to vogue.


For those of us that came of age in the '80s, it may seem hard to believe that '80s fashions are making a comeback, but believe it, they are. Skinny jeans and leggings have been around for a few years, but we are now seeing even more '80s awesomeness re-emerging. Theeeeey’re baaaaack. 

Here are just a few highlights in the recent resurgence of '80s fashions.

PEGGED JEANS: The tight roll was an essential part of pulling together a mid-to-late '80s outfit.  Done by both men and women, it was THE way you wore you jeans. Not seen in practice since 1989, pegged jeans are back this season with sightings in major catalogs (J. Crew) and on major stars, Katie Holmes among them.

HUARACHE SANDALS: These sandals experienced their '80s heyday around 1985. They are now out in stores again for spring/summer 2009.  Shown here are a vintage '80s pair and the modern reincarnation of the Huarache sandal as offered by Urban Outfitters.

MAKEUP: Clothes are one thing – they cycle in and out of fashion – but makeup is something else entirely. The '80s saw some really outlandish makeup. For the '80s comeback to reach our faces, it must really be gaining traction. So, dig in your makeup bag for your blue eyeliner and your yellow eye shadow and get ready to channel Cyndi Lauper because '80s makeup is also coming back – like, to the max. Here is the evidence.

And, apparently, you can’t make a commercial now without using '80s music or movies references. I don’t even want to talk about what Wendy’s did to the very cool '80s song Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes. A slightly less irksome example is the recent Breakfast Club-inspired TV commercial by JCPenney for its back to school collection.

What’s next? '80s hair?! Could it be that closer-to-God bangs will make a comeback too? Surely not.

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