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'80s games live again on your own home arcade machine



da2f.jpgChances are you already took care of the '80s fan on your Valentine's Day list, but if not -- and you need to really suck up to someone -- might I suggest this bucket-list gift idea? Your own arcade machine featuring more than 145 classic games built right in.

Dream Arcades is selling these beauties, and then even have a Valentine's Day special (that's been extended to the end of the month), which includes a bunch of add-ons at no extra cost. (Cool stuff like a DVD-ROM upgrade and more games.)

The manufacturer says these are the actual games you played in the arcades -- not some fake reproduction. That's good news for the Pac-Man and Asteroids fans who still remember the winning patterns.

What's the price, you ask? Well, hang on there. Let me add that each arcade machine comes with a 19-inch monitor, custom cabinet and even a greasy-faced 14-year-old kid who delivers you pizza by the slice while spinning REO Speedwagon from the DJ booth. (I could be wrong on that last amenity, but that's how I remember arcades back in my Super Skate days. Can you turn it up when you play Don't Let Him Go?)

Okay, so the price is a little up there. The sit-down table version is $1,999; the stand-up machine is $1,899. Pizza not included. But I'm sure they'll throw in an REO cassingle if you ask nicely. See more at

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