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An 80s legend ... without crappy synthesizers



Johnwetton_2 The four original members of Asia are still on hiatus, awaiting the complete recovery of singer/bassist John Wetton, who underwent heart surgery a few months ago. But according to a recent interview on the Classic Rock Revisited website, the band is using the time off to begin writing songs for a new album.

"I have been going to the studio and working with Geoff (Downes) on songs but I can't do any playing or singing at the moment," Wetton told Classic Rock. "With a bit of luck I can start singing in November and with a little bit of luck we can have a new album on the street by March of next year."

Here are some other juicy items from the interview:

On the legacy of their self-titled debut album: "It still sounds good today. If you listen to any other album from the early 80's then you hear really crappy synthesizers...  The first Asia album does not sound like that at all. It sounds like a really good rock album."

On the real meaning of the line "And now you find yourself in 82" on "Heat of the Moment":
"That is not a year; it is a venue. I am not at liberty to tell you where it was but everyone in the band knew where it was. It was not the year...  It is a venue in London."

On the style of the upcoming album: "I would say it should be the natural successor to the second album.  It will be not more of the same but you will be able to hear the commonality."

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