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The 80s live on forever in Vegas

Just got back minutes ago from Vegas. What did I miss? I see my podcast co-host Sean Daly is busy pimping the entertainment from my beloved decade over in his pop music blog.

I'm telling you -- Vegas is a town dying to return to the 80s. Examples? Every Thursday night at House of Blues in Mandalay Bay, there's a Prince tribute act called Purple Reign. Too bad I left town on Wednesday. I would have SO been there for that. But the same venue hosts the Asia reunion show in September, and if I can scrape up the coin for a flight out there, I'll be front row center for that miraculous event.

Another example: Bellagio, still the most luxurious hotel in town (the new Wynn Las Vegas is overrated), was piping nothing but 80s classics through the casino one morning while I was busy fleecing their slots for $70.

Still not convinced? The Paris Hotel and Casino just featured a long run of a musical based on the music of Queen called "We Will Rock You." And "Mama Mia" -- showcasing the music of Abba -- is still a big draw at Mandalay Bay. And for those 80s fans who harbor a secret vampire fetish -- ah, The Lost Boys ... the two Coreys -- head over to the Stratosphere for the topless erotic production of "Bite."

And let's not forget -- as one astute reader so helpfully prods -- that every strip club in Vegas features hair-band 80s rock as the de facto music for pole dancing. (Did you know the world's largest strip club -- Sapphires -- is in Vegas? And they smack with you a $30 cover -- even on a Monday night. ... Or so I hear.)

And last -- and unfortunately least -- the new Hooters Hotel & Casino has 80s night every Tuesday night in their club featuring live 80s music and karaoke. Not the nicest hotel in town. It's the old Hotel San Remo, but now it looks more like a dustbelt Holiday Inn that serves wings. And 20 wings, some shrimp and two pitchers set us back $100. But since Hooters itself was born in the 80s, I'll cut it some slack. We all can't be high rollers in Caesars, you know.

So now that vacation is over, let's get busy again with the 80s!

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:18pm]


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