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The actor who shouldn't have left the 80s



You know what's truly great about the 80s? Other than the winecoolers and new wave music, that is. ... It's the fact that some actors who today have become bloated in uninspired box office tripe can look back at their career during that one decade and really be proud.

And let's start with a guy who was considered cool during the 80s: Kevin Costner, who turns 51 today. Back in the 80s, I used to crow that this guy could do no wrong. And his list of 80s classics (yes CLASSICS) holds its own: Silverado (1985), American Flyers (1985), The Untouchables (1987), Bull Durham (1988) and Field of Dreams (1989). (He even played a frat boy in 1982's Night Shift). We'll give him credit too for 1990's Dancing with Wolves, since that was largely shot and produced in the 80s.

But after that? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (with the come and go English accent), JFK (not a bad movie, but I have an awful blind date experience to go with it), The Bodyguard (possibly the most excruciating piece of acting by anyone beyond third grade), Waterworld (the horse is dead, so I'll stop beating it), and more.

He had a career's worth of success in the 80s, so maybe he can sleep at night now. And we can sleep easily too -- just queue up a tape of The Postman or Tin Cup and you're sawing logs in no time. Happy Birthday, Mr. Costner. (Can we just call you "Crash Davis"?) We know what your fans will be wishing for when you blow out the candles.

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