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An 'Adventureland' back to the '80s



Film_Review_Adventureland_N Our Stuck in the '80s bureau chief in Denver, Chase Squires, has a quickie review of the latest '80s-centric movie, Adventureland. Go ride the white horse, Chase.

Hey Spearsy! So, when do you know when the '80s are officially overexposed? When filmmakers start setting movies in the decade for no apparent reason.

I caught a sneak preview last night of new flick Adventureland. (Trailer). Starring kind of a nobody cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Zegen and Kelsey Ford, the film tells the story of a guy (Eisenberg) whose college graduation trip to Europe is canceled, landing him with a job in a crappy amusement park for the summer.

It's set in 1987. Why? No idea, unless someone had a burning need to play their old Falco and Wang Chung albums over and over again. This flick could've been set in 1977 or 1997 or 2007 with no effect at all on the outcome. I'm thinking someone in marketing decided the '80s are hot property right now, so what the heck, set it in 1987.

As for the story. Eh. Take it or leave it. Some funny scenes, some stilted social commentary, great supporting cast and an adequate leading man. Don't go see it looking for the Breakfast Club or even Caddyshack. It's neither.

As always ... Stuck in the '80s,

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