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Air Supply's Russell Hitchcock is a love pimp



Russell_hitchcock Everybody should be so lucky as to be Russell Hitchcock -- if only for a few moments in life.

For one, Air Supply's lead singer dresses better than me or any of my friends. He still sports that killer Aussie accent. And he's cool enough to hook a fan up with a song request.

Hey, Russell, if you play "Chances" or "Goodbye" on Aug. 21 at the Ritz Ybor in Tampa, I know a certain lass sitting next to me that will absolutely melt into my arms.

"No problems, mate. Got you covered."

You rule, Russell. ("Can I call you Russ?") Hitchcock was our guest this week for the Stuck in the '80s podcast. Here are some other highlights.

ON PICKING A SET LIST: "It’s impossible to put every song you want in the show or we’d be there two or three days. ... We can’t leave out songs like Lost in Love or Sweet Dreams or Making Love Out of Nothing At All because there would be trouble in the house. But we’re hopefully releasing our most recent recordings in October. We have a new CD coming out called Mumbo Jumbo and that’s our 25th studio CD, which not a lot of people realize."

AIR SUPPLY'S ROLE AFTER 35 YEARS: "These days, the world obviously isn’t in such a great space. There’s violence everywhere, the economies worldwide are screwed, there’s a lot of pessimism. And I think one of the reasons why we’ve continue to perform at a high level and had the career we’ve had is because we do give a respite to that. It’s not gloom and doom. It’s positive. It’s romantic."

ON '80s NOSTALGIA: "Everything is in cycles. A few years ago people were wearing clothes I wore in the '70s and thinking it was original. But there’s nothing out there that is original. Things that are good, their time will come again and again and again. We’ve had probably three or four careers in the last 35 years. We’re very proud that we’re still here, we’re still standing, we’re still doing it well."

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