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Alec Baldwin on John Hughes: 'One of the three best experiences I've had'



Alec_baldwin Alec Baldwin isn't usually mentioned when it comes to iconic '80s actors, but he had a critical role in one of John Hughes' most underrated films of the decade: She's Having a Baby.

"Working with John was one of the three best experiences I've had," Baldwin wrote this week in the Huffington Post. "I'm sorry he stopped making films and I am sorry he's gone."

In She's Having a Baby, Baldwin played "Davis McDonald," the best man and best friend to Kevin Bacon's "Jake Briggs." And frankly, without Baldwin in the mix, trying to constantly distract and sway Bacon to the dark side, this movie wouldn't have been as great as it is.

Still, I was surprised -- happily so -- to see Baldwin go on the record about his experiences with Hughes. Here are some highlights of Baldwin's tribute in the Huffington Post.

"He bristled at the intrusions of the studios he worked with. He left Hollywood and moved back to the Chicago area with his wife, who he had been with since high school. In the 90's he rewrote others' work under pseudonyms. The halcyon period of his career behind him, Hughes seemed to virtually disappear. Which is a shame, because Hughes was a great guy and a great director."

"Hughes told me that when he directed, he cast as critical an eye toward the material as if someone else had composed it. 'Who wrote this sh--?' he would joke when he felt he had hit some impasse in his scene work."

AS A DIRECTOR: "Hughes did not conceal his enthusiasm about your work, as some directors automatically feel they must. I have worked on some comedy films where the director was the least funny person on the set. Hughes was funny."

Click here and read the full piece. It's worth your time anytime an actor like Baldwin takes the time to write a piece like this. And give Alec a little more credit in the '80s for flicks like Beetlejuice, Married to the Mob and Working Girl.

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