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'Aliens' sequel arrives in videogame format: 'Game over, man!'




Does a videogame count as a movie sequel? It better, because that appears as close as we're going to get to an Aliens sequel from our beloved '80s sci-fi franchise. The sad thing, though, is that reviews of "Aliens: Colonial Marines" aren't very kind.

"Did the writers each spend the last six years in isolation, only meeting up a few weeks ago to stitch together their disparate ideas?" ponders reviewer Rob Savillo on "If you were hoping that Gearbox could recapture the allure of Aliens that so many found lacking in Alien 3, prepare yourself for disappointment."

Oh, it's not a total lost cause, Savillo admits. If you're a fan of the movies -- and videogames -- there's still plenty here to love. But let's face it: When was the last time you played a videogame based on a TV show or movie and enjoyed it just as much? (I know my answer: The Simpsons videogame, 1990, at the arcade in Jacksonville Landing. But that's another blog item.)

"The thing is, if you're going to base a video game on the iconic Aliens films there are going to be expectations," writes an NBC reviewer. "But more importantly, if you're Gearbox Software — a company that is making a video game that it dares to call the 'true sequel' to the beloved second movie Aliens — then the expectations are: you better do it right."

It all gives new meaning to our favorite Aliens quote: "Game over, man!"

[Last modified: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 9:38am]


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