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There's not another song on the planet that captures the beginning of the 80s like the gem from The Buggles -- Video Killed The Radio Star. By now, most fans know it was the first video to air on a then-unknown cable network in suburban New Jersey called MTV back on Aug. 1, 1981. The opening notes of the tune still give you chills.

Here's a rare LIVE version of the song performed in 2004:

Some more trivia about the band and song:

  • While The Buggles are largely thought of as Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, "Video" was composed largely by the band's third member, Bruce Woolley.
  • Woolley left the band before the release of the song to form Camera Club (with Thomas Dolby and Hans Zimmer). That band also released a version of the song, which became a hit in Canada.
  • The 2004 performance of the song -- part of the Prince's Trust concert series in England -- reunited Horn, Downes and Woolley along with the original female background singers.
  • Another classic tune from the 80s that laments the demise of the radio's role in culture -- Queen's Radio Ga-Ga.

And just so you don't think that video has the last word in the battle, remember you're enjoying this walk down Amnesia Lane on the Web. So tip your cap and enjoy this parody: Internet Killed The Video Star.

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