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Andy Wickett: 'We'll be living in the 90s next"



Andy Wickett was the lead singer of Duran Duran before Simon Le Bon. Today, he's a computer animation guru and still performs the music that inspired him decades ago -- though usually in drag as "Candy Wicked" (see photo). In part 2 of our interview with him, he talks about the 80s influence and how he stays busy these days. (Read part 1).

Stuck in the 80s: When you look back now, years later, on the group, what feelings go through your mind? Did you enjoy the band's music after you left? Do you enjoy it today?

Wickett: "I never really listened to them after that. I enjoyed it when I was with them. I went to see them play live recently with my son. It was interesting to see some old faces."

Stuck in the 80s: The 80s are making a comeback of sorts lately and new bands are borrowing the sounds of that decade. What about the 80s makes it so nostalgic? Why are we still listening to the music?

Wickett: "It takes 10 years for nostalgia to kick in. Look at the Stone Roses resurgence, we'll be living in the 90s next."

Stuck in the 80s: The 90s? God no. Tell me you still listen to some 80s groups.

Wickett: "Still listen to Joy Division, Pixies, Iggy Pop, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Suicide, Bruce Springsteen..."

Stuck in the 80s: Springsteen? That's an odd choice, given the rest of that list.

Wickett: "There's a part of me that is a home lovin' family man type."

Stuck in the 80s: Tell me about your animation work these days. What got you started in this field?

Wickett: "It started with the Amiga 500 in the early 90s, I realized how powerful computers were becoming. As soon as the PC came on the market, I jumped on board and never stopped. I've produced videos for a number of Asian artists such as Nusrat Ali Fateh Khan, Stereo Nation and Malkit Singh which got a lot of exposure on MTV Asia. It became a passion, it's the only way for me to explain the pictures I have in my head to other people."

Stuck in the 80s: I love the animated video for Girls on Film 2006. What sort of reaction are you getting to the release of that video?

Wickett: "We put the teaser clip of Girls on Film online just to see what the reaction would be, and, to be truthful, I was expecting a lot of negativity from the hardcore Duranies. I was amazed when it became the top rated MySpace upload video -- it held that position for 5 weeks, and 1000s of people subscribed to my profile there. The full video launch will happen sometime in May, at a London venue. We're hoping to co-ordinate the physical event with an online webcast of the launch for those who can't make it."

Stuck in the 80s: Tell me about your current music projects. Is it as much fun today as it was, presumably, back in the 80s?

Wickett: "Candy Wicked is my female alter-ego, the Rocky Horroresque Frankenstein, living on Sunset Boulevard. Sometimes it's Andy playing live at the shows, sometimes it's Candy. I never know which one is going to take over 'til the night itself.

"As for fun, it's as fun as ever. You have to keep things raw and spontaneous to keep things fun. You have to reinvent yourself to keep yourself interested."

Click here to hear music and see videos from Andy's myspace webpage.

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