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Another '80s icon coming to Glee: John Stamos! Who's next?



John-stamos-mullet "Uncle Jesse" from Full House is going to be full of Glee next fall. Producers of the hit Fox series have confirmed that John Stamos is joining the cast for an unspecified number of episodes.

Stamos will play the dentist/boyfriend to Emma, who is still being pursued by Mr Schu.

Yes, Stamos has the needed singing and dancing chops. (He didn't get a chance to show those off on E.R., I guess.)

So the '80s icons are finally starting to click into place on Glee. But here's my question: Which '80s icons would you most like to see on Glee, if only for a single episode?

Here are five that pop to my mind:

Steve perry STEVE PERRY: Come on! The former Journey frontman and his music are basically responsible for the show's success. Bring him on, call the show "Oh Perry" and let him play a villain whose heart turns to gold when he hears the gang cover another Journey tune.

GEORGE MICHAEL: Never mind his crazy police record, Michael is perfect for Glee. His appearances on TV's Eli Stone were always an event. I could easily see a whole themed show for his music.

Cyndi CYNDI LAUPER: Well, wait a minute. I don't see Fox turning their heads for a performance of She-Bop, so maybe this isn't a good idea. Still, Cyndi's music would be fun in show-choir style.

STING: I always thought he was just as interesting as an actor as he is a singer. (Except for Dune, though he did get all the good lines.) 

MORRISSEY: A whole TV series about mopey high schoolers who can sing and NOBODY is thinking, "Hey, where's Morrissey?"

Who else would make sense?

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