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Another 80s star in jail (yawn)



Back in the 80s, when I was suffering through the grating but necessary initiation we call "journalism school" at the University of Florida, I worked the cops and courts beat for a short time for the student newspaper. Who knew that'd be such good training for this blog. Yeah, another 80s celeb has been thrown in the pokey again. Who's it this time? Boy George again? Nah, too obvious. Madonna for beating up Guy Ritchie? No, just wishful thinking. Styx for criminal impersonation of a musical act, forcing them to take back Dennis DeYoung? No, no, no.

No, this time, it's our old buddy George Michael. The Brit singer was found slumped over unconscious in his car in a London park Sunday morning, according to media reports from the U.K. He was arrested for suspicion of possession of marijuana and liquid Ecstasy and booked under his real name, Georgios Kyriacos Panayitou. (Gaylord Focker has nothing on Georgios.)

In a statement to the media Monday, Michael said the arrest was "my own stupid fault, as usual." He didn't deny the charges or begrudge the arrest. "I was in possession of class C drugs, which is an offense, and I have no complaints about the police who were professional throughout."

Michael, 42, is semi-retired from music these days (in the same way I'm semi-retired from my pursuit of becoming an Olympics pole-vaulter). But he still finds his way into the tabloids from time to time. Eight years ago, he was arrested in L.A. for "gross indecency" in a public toilet. Despite his recent attachment to a more private life, Michael remains one of Britain's wealthiest pop stars. (Good, he may need the money for lawyers.)

A little G.M. trivia

While we ponder the future of our razor-challenged popster, how about some trivia on his career? Good luck with these gems.
Question 1: George Michael penned his first song at age 17. Can you name it?
Question 2: What's ironic about the title of his second album, "Listen Without Prejudice"?
Question 3: He doesn't appear in the video for his tune "Freedom 90" -- who does?
Question 4: Which two cover songs sung by George Michael were worldwide hits after their release? (Hint: both were live performances.)

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