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Answer this, and you too can dress like Steff



Pretty_in_pink A member of the '80s Nation needs your help. I received this e-mail over the weekend, and as someone who knows NOTHING about fashion (just ask any female within a 10-mile radius of me), I'm reprinting it here in hopes someone can help. Here it 'tis:

Hi Steve. Just wanted to say I'm a devoted follower of your 1980s blog. I especially loved your post on the top movie songs of the 1980s. I was happy to see you had OMD's classic "If You Leave" from Pretty in Pink. I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me in relation to that movie. 

I am trying to adopt Steff's look (James Spader) and have been looking for some penny loafers. Do you know what the best brand to get is to best emulate his look from the movie? And also if they are the beef rolled or not?  You are the go to guy when it comes to anything 1980s. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Your devoted follower, Kolby Houghton.

Anyone have a guess? I can't seem to find a photo of his shoes. And to be honest, beef-rolling? Never heard of it. Someone please clue me in.

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