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An anti-Christmas wish: Choose an '80s band or musician you wish would disappear



Santa Baby Is it just me, or with 15 days to go in the Christmas season, are people starting to get a little testy? I swear I saw a mall Santa take a swing at his elf the other day just for quoting A Christmas Story one too many times.

Twenty years ago this month, a holiday party among friends from high school had taken a similarly dark tone. So I tried to lighten things by asking this: "If you could jettison one band or musician from the '80s into outer space, never to be heard from again, who would it be?"

People smiled. Backs slapped. Glasses hoisted in triumphant toasts. A brilliant, mood-altering query. And suddenly everyone agreed on one name: Journey. Doh! Wrong answer, I insisted, and made my case for preserving the smooth FM styles of the band from the bay. Steve Perry and the boys were saved.

But now that we've had another 20 years of perspective, I think it's time -- in the jolly nature of the holiday -- to ask ask: "Pick one band or musician from the '80s to jettison into obscurity. To erase from the history of music. To condemn to nonexistence."

I'll compile a top 20 list, along with your comments (so please include a justification), and publish it shortly before the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31, 2009. I think everyone knows my pick by now.

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