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Anvil's still reaching for the dream



Ever hear of
Anvil? Vegas Girlfriend has, which is why she gets to write today's guest blog item. Well, that and she'll be back in Florida in four days to break me out of the rut of sitting alone in the Spears Lair, watching nonstop viewings of Hoosiers. Take it away, VGF.

Hey gang. My nickname before Vegas Girlfriend was actually "Film Snob," and movies are still a big interest of mine. So, when I keep hearing about a movie from several sources, I pay attention, and Anvil! The Story of Anvil! is a documentary I have been hearing a lot about lately.

Check out the trailer here:

Anvil is a heavy metal band formed in 1978 in Canada as Steve Kudlow, Dave Allison, Ian Dickson, and, in a supreme Spinal Tap moment, Robb Reiner. In the '80s, this band opened for some of the biggest names in hair metal. Sadly, they were also cursed with never-ending problems with managers and record companies, but they have kept playing to this day, never giving up on the dream of being a rock band.

I don’t even like hair metal, but I found the trailer so touching -- this group of guys struggling against all odds to do what they’ve always dreamed of -- that I am planning on going when it comes to town. Check out the band's official website and I'm betting you're going to need to see Anvil! The Story of Anvil! too.

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