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Realgenius From time to time, we get questions sent to the Stuck in the '80s mailbox that baffle even our highly trained team of pop culture scientists. (And by scientists, I mean the helpful staff over at the Thai restaurant that serve Sean Daly and me that lovely "Sexy Suzy" every week right before we record a podcast.)


Take a look at the latest queries and see if you can help us solve these mysteries.

"In the summer of 1982, I was in Orlando, there is a song I heard on the radio that I'm having trouble finding. Back then they only played New Wave between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Sunday nights. I guess New Wave was too edgy for Orlandonians to hear during a reasonable hour of the day. Here is what I remember of the lyrics: 'Come look at my picture of Lin-da!, she's my kinda Girl!' "

"I've tried every sort of word combination, nothing. My guess is that it must be a song with a title different from the words. Any idea?" -- "D"

"Having spent half the '80s as a college radio DJ, I had amassed a huge collection of LPs and CDs. The LPs were accidentally carted away, leaving me with somewhere around 2,000 CDs that I have not much use for, all dating between 1987 and 1992."

"Other than the local stores (which would pay pennies per CD) and the obvious eBay (which would take ages), do you know a place I could sell these early CDs for a fair price?" -- "Mike"

SOMEWHERE IN TIME: "I was looking through old tapes and came across an '80s rock ballad titled Somewhere in Time -- not the Iron Maiden's Caught Somewhere in Time."

"I know the band was not very well known but I cannot remember who or find information online. Can you help?" -- "Sal"

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