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Are you ready for ... a 'Three Men & A Baby' sequel? ("That was rhetorical, boys")



Threemenandababy Steve Guttenberg, Tom Selleck and Ted Danson are set to reunite and film a sequel to 1987's Three Men and a Baby. (Because we refuse to quality 1990's Three Men and a Little Lady as actually existing.)

The working title: Three Men and a Bride, according to Disney is developing the film, in which their "baby" Mary would be given away as a bride.

“That’s going to be a smash. A smash hit. They’re bringing everybody back for that," Guttenberg told WENN. “Nobody knows about it. I’m the first to talk about it.”

(Is that anything like the first people to talk about seeing Ringo Starr's face in a droplet of water? Because that hasn't worked out all the well either.)

Guttenberg also claims to want to sequels for Police Academy, Cocoon and Short Circuit.

“They’re surefire hits and I think they’re good for the world," he says.

Okay, okay. Stop laughing. Maybe Guttenberg is right. We loved those flicks when we were kids. We liked all of Guttenberg's flicks in the '80s, from Can't Stop The Music to Diner to Bad Medicine and even High Spirits.

Wait ... Maybe it's really Steve Guttenberg who's good for the world!

(By the way, extra credit for anyone naming the movie I'm quoting at the top with the "rhetorical" line.)


5. "Anyone who could swallow two Snowballs and a Ding Dong shouldn't have any trouble with pride." (Can't Stop The Music)

4. "Hush little baby, don't you cry. When Peter gets home, I'm gonna punch him in the eye." (Three Men and a Baby)

3."I'm dead. So this is what it feels like. Like a hangover." (High Spirits)

2. "I hope you're not gonna to take your skin off! 'Cause I really like skin on a woman!" (Cocoon)

1."If you want to talk, you always have the guys at the diner. You don't need a girl if you wanna talk." (Diner)

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