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Are you ready for the 'Wild Boy'?




Do you have plenty of free time today? Because you'll need it for this week's Stuck in the '80s podcast: an interview with former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor.

This episode clocks in at an hour and 15 minutes -- our longest show ever -- but it's worth it. Andy's a great interview, and you're going to want to run out and buy his new book, Wild Boys: My Life in Duran Duran, immediately after you're done listening. Seriously, we only scratch the surface of the drama and craziness behind the scenes of the signature band of the '80s.

The highlight: Andy retells the drama and surprise ending to Duran Duran's performance before Princess Diana back in '83. (Another great moment: Andy's imitation of Nick Rhodes' and John Lennon's "brummie" accents.)

But wait, there's so much more:

  • Two more surprise guest calls!
  • Our official top 5 list of Most Underrated Duran Duran Songs!
  • The best reader e-mail ever (someone has a crush on my co-host)!
  • Pop music critic Sean Daly's woefully inept sucking-up!

How will your day end? Probably spending 50 bucks on iTunes downloading a ton of Duran Duran songs, like I'm doing now. (Man, why did I give up on them in the '90s!?!)

Click here to download the show. Or click here to get all our shows for free via iTunes. Drop us a comment afterward and let us know what you think!

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