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Aretha Franklin, you better think! Which '80s icons should join American Idol



aretha.jpgOf all the surviving legends from 1980's Blues Brothers, the one least likely to judge American Idol? Yeah, I'd say Dan Aykroyd too, but in this case, the answer is actually Aretha Franklin.

"Yes I am interested as a judge!" the 70-year-old singer replied via email when asked if she wanted to fill one of the vacancies created when both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez quit last week.

Something tells me it won't happen, but it's certainly not the worst idea being floating out there (cough, cough, Charlie Sheen).

Here are five '80s icons who would good additions to American Idol:

CYNDI LAUPER: It'd be worth it alone to see her changing hair and wardrobe each week. The biggest advantage? She speaks her mind. Biggest disadvantage -- she speaks her mind. Don't be shocked if producers have already called her.

MOLLY RINGWALD: Still a beauty, plus she's been both a singer and actor. Biggest advantage? One of the faces of a decade. Biggest disadvantages? That decade sadly began 32 years ago. Still, I think I'd love to see her guest-judge for a week.

MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER: Who can resist a Cosby kid? "Theo" these days is into playing jazz and writing poetry. So being on American Idol would be ... well, the exact opposite. Will a little culture hurt Fox? (Sadly, yes.)

RICK SPRINGFIELD: A veteran of TV and music, he's my ace in the hole. "Dr. Noah Drak" is a pure ratings grab with something but positive repercussions. He still records albums that sell today and packs them in on the concert circuit. If I'm Idol, I give Rick a blank check and just pray he says yes.

ALF: Yes, a puppet. Because really, can American Idol get any worse?

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