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Attack of the DVD clones

Sci-fi nerds, rejoice! The original theatrical versions of the first three Star Wars movies are coming to DVD soon. Director George Lucas finally gave into the wishes of hard-core fans who didn't appreciate his tweaked versions of the movies (which Lucas considers the "definitive" version of the movies). The discs will reach stores in September.

Some changes fans will get the embrace:
-- Han Solo pulls his gun first and kills bounty hunter Greedo in the original version of Star Wars (aka A New Hope). Lucas revised the scene in later editions so that Solo and Greedo fired at the same time -- taking away the whole George W. Bush "shoot first, find weapons of mass destruction later" feeling of the scene.
-- Also in the original version, Jabba the Hutt doesn't wander around the Millennium Falcon before Solo, Luke and Obi-Wan depart for Alderaan. (The entire scene with Jabba was later digitally inserted for the revision of the movie).

I could go on and on about the subtle differences, but that would prove only two things: 1) I'm such a geek that I actually know the differences; and 2) You're such a geek that you'd actually continue reading about the differences.

So why did Lucas finally decide to release the original versions on DVD? Because even in a galaxy far, far away, a fat payday is still cause to whoop it up -- Ewok style!

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