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Aussie earworm: Icehouse's 'Great Southern Land'



If you weren't already in love with Australian music in the '80s, this song might put you over the top:

The sad thing, here in America, is that when you think Icehouse, the first thought that comes to mind is really bad beer.

Originally called the Flowers when they formed in 1977, Icehouse gradually moved from that trendy-only-there "pub rock" sound to the synthpop groove where they'd find their biggest success.

In the U.S., their biggest hit would be 1987's Electric Blue, which hit No. 7 here. But when I asked our Aussie fans to pick a signature tune by Icehouse that best represents the band, the answer was 1982's Great Southern Land.

The band is still together, it seems, but good luck finding any official Web site. The best source for news about Icehouse seems to be this fan site.

And yes, we're still working on that Aussie in the '80s podcast. The set list is now set!

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:58pm]


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