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Axel and Indy are back



Two favorites from the 80s are returning in sequels in the coming years. It's finally confirmed that Eddie Murphy will revive his role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop 4, and Harrison Ford will bring back Indiana Jones for a fourth installment.

Indianajones Which one has the better shot at success? I'd put my money on Indiana Jones. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are handling the script on that project. Meanwhile, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who handled the first two Beverly Hills Cop movies, isn't signing on with the newest one. Plus, until the success of the just-released Dreamgirls, Murphy's film career has cooled considerably as he's concentrated more on voicing animated features. But don't count Eddie out just yet. He's due for a comeback.

Who'd win if the fictional Indiana Jones and Axel Foley threw down in real life? Let's find out.

Beverly_hills_cop Signature wardrobe item
Axel: Mumford Phys. Ed Dept. t-shirt
Indiana: Fedora

Axel: Crappy blue Chevy Nova
Indiana: Seaplanes, trains, cargo ships

Secret weapon
Axel: Banana in the tailpipe.
Indiana: A whip.

Memorable line:
Axel: "Before I go, I just want to say one thing. The supercop story ... was working. And you guys just messed it up."
Indiana: "You want to talk to God? Let's go see him together, I've got nothing better to do."

Not even close. It's Indiana Jones in a romp.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:21pm]


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