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B-52s dance this mess around at Tropicana Field free concert



Did you catch the B-52s' free concert at Tropicana Field on Saturday night? Stuck in the '80s guest reporter Chris Stainton, from the SIT80s official cover band Rubix Cubed, experienced it from field level. Here's his report:

You know kids, behind Duran Duran, the B-52s are my all time favorite '80s band, and last night they lived up to that. Putting on a fun show chock full of old tunes, the B-52's did not disappoint. They are pushing the years, yes, but their touring ethic over the past three decades really makes their tight show a joy to watch. 

Their energy level is always up (just as it was back in the '80s when I first saw them), and their campy charm always wins over a crowd. By the last songs the entire field was bouncing up and down, dancing.  Even if you don't like them, you cannot help but smile when they are playing on stage.

The sound system on the field was really good. Clear, thumping, and not over powering. Minimal stage gear gave Fred and the girls the chance to strut around and dance.

The set list was a chopped down version of their current tour (by one or two songs only), so the Rays audience got a great deal. A few off their latest release, Funplex, and of course a bunch of older tunes.  Highlights for me included, Mesopotamia (couldn't believe they played this one!), Private Idaho (a Rubix Cubed play list staple), Quiche Lorraine (Rubix Cubed's guest singer, Candy's, favorite B-52's song), and Planet Claire.

1. Pump
2. Mesopotamia
3. Ultraviolet
4. Private Idaho
5. Give Me Back My Man
6. Funplex
7. Strobe Light
8. Quiche Lorraine
9. 52 Girls
10. Roam
11. Party Out Of Bounds
12. Love in the Year 3000
13. Hot Corner
14. Love Shack
15. Planet Claire
16. Rock Lobster

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