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B-52s keep the party going



Funplex Booty-bots! Jelly-bones! Spandex-spiral vortex! Making space love in zero gravity!

Ah yes, all that sexy talk means the B-52s must finally be back. Our favorite Athenians (sorry, REM) have a new album to reward their fans who have waited since 1992's "Good Stuff" for new danceable tracks.

The new disc -- "Funplex" -- sounds like it could easily be the soundtrack of your local swinger's club. I'm just theorizing, of course. But throughout the 11 tracks, you just get an overwhelming urge to strip down to just a wide smile and jump into a steaming mass of guilty lovin' -- with a dozen strangers all grooving and grinding to the same beat.

The band's sound has been modernized with touches of electro and saw-buzzing guitars, but it doesn't dampen or overpower the irresistible vocal give-and-take of Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson. The trio sound as fresh today as they did on "Rock Lobster" or "Planet Claire" in the late 70s.

It's hard to spot a radio-friendly or top 40 hit among the tunes, but "Pump," "Funplex" and "Keep This Party Going" are good downloads to start with. (You'll have to wait until March 24 to buy the whole album anyway.)

Want the full-power sex-attack? Try "Love in the Year 3000." Just queue it up, lay back and enjoy. Clothing is optional.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:29pm]


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